What is Respite Care?

Respite care is time taken by the care giver for rest and relaxation from the daily demands of the care they provide to their loved one with a disability. Caregivers and their loved one with disabilities both need time away from one another to rejuvenate and spend time apart in order to reduce stress and promote the emotional and physical well being of both parties. This time apart encourages caregivers to take time for themselves by allowing them to pursue their personal interests that are so often neglected due to their caregiving responsibilities. Respite care can be provided in your home, or our respite facility. Respite services can vary from a few hours per day to several days. Family Care Options offers both short term and extended respite care services. All respite services are provided by FCO direct service professionals who are all qualified and well trained.

Family Care Options Staff and Support

All staff undergoes an extensive background check and are certiļ¬ed in CPR and First Aid and trained to meet the requirements of the Ohio Department of DD and the families we serve.